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The Biblical Anatomy of Dreams; A Classic Prayer Manual

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Author: Ps. Obed Obeng-Addae
Pages: 194
To dream is really not a problem for anybody. However the challenge is understanding the mechanism of dreams and interpreting them to get the exact message they seek to communicate. Averagely, every believer in Christ should be able to decode and interpret dreams because it is explicitly spelt out in the scriptures how dreams are interpreted. Ignorance of this however has plunged many into unfortunate situations which could have easily been averted. This book will give you insight into what dreams are, how they come about and God’s wisdom for interpreting them. As well, you will come to the knowledge of how to easily remember your dreams.  As well, the book further expounds on the abnormal phenomenon of spiritual marriage, its types, classification, causes and how it can be handled. 

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